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Man suspected theft of identity information do 7 card owes thous

Report from our correspondent Zhou Yanyan intern, Yu Guihua reporter: Mr. bear had travelled to China Unicom a cooperative operating point candidates, "did not think of someone with my ID card copy has been run for 7 Unicom cards, more than 1000 yuan in arrears.
"Mr. bear suspicion is China Unicom's business agents for.In this regard, China Unicom Nanchang Branch said will do further investigation and handling.Wrong: candidates owe to thousands of Yuan calls according to Mr.
bear, in August last year, he went to Nanchang two seven North Road Unicom operating point for.When the business staff to do a Unicom cards, he will be a copy of ID card to each other.But for other reasons, he did not go to the point of business work.
This year 1 month, Mr. bear received Unicom Nanchang telephone payment calling center (hereinafter referred to as "China Unicom a center") phone, told his 7 number Unicom has to pay 1000 yuan, please pay off as soon as possible.
Answered the phone, Mr. bear think be rather baffling, they simply did not apply for 7 Unicom cards.Anger: find out "plum ghost" is welcome then, Mr. bear to Unicom a center consulting the matter.However, the center for the proposed two makes it hard for him to accept the plan: either to pay the charges; either by providing evidence, prove not handle this 7 numbers.
Fruitless negotiations, Mr. bear found Unicom Nanchang Branch responsible for dealing with similar events in a tan surname supervisor."The director after the inquiry, that is China Unicom agent about card.
"The bear said, he hopes that China Unicom can find out if the agents who refused.China Unicom: advance owe $1000 bill subsequently, the reporter interviewed Mr. bear have been in charge of the tan family name.
The supervisor said, according to UniCom company survey, preliminary confirmation of the use of Mr. bear Id photocopy of China Unicom is the original agents, but also do not eliminate Mr. bear their use ID card to handle the Unicom cards.
And about the former Unicom agent personnel who actually, the director did not disclose.Finally, Tan director gives Unicom Company processing mode: Unicom will advance to the more than 1000 yuan, and then by Mr.
bear with Unicom will eliminate this 7 numbers.In addition, the company also to make further investigation and handling.Xinhuanet.com Taiyuan 8 January, the reporter from the Shanxi Taiyuan public security organs was informed that, recently, a man in the video online fabricated "Xinjiang in Taiyuan kill two men and one woman" false information, by the public security organ shall punish.
According to police reports, December 25, 2009 23, "Baidu Post Bar" "Taiyuan" a post said, that day afternoon 3 when make, three Xinjiang in TaiYuan Railway Station near stabbed to death two men and one woman.
Subsequently, the relevant content is defined inside and outside more than 10 website forum.After the police, Taiyuan city without the occurrence of similar cases, the post of false information.The police launched an immediate investigation and quickly seized the Wang (male, was born in 1983, Taiyuan).
Wang said, he just buy a ticket in TaiYuan Railway Station to listen to visitors said that Taiyuan street Xinjiang stabbed the dead, he has released in the Internet post.Wang's violation of the "law of the people's Republic of China Public Security Management Punishment Law" regulation, by Taiyuan public security organs shall order the detention of 10 days.
Police clew, according to the provisions of relevant laws of China, using the Internet to make up the dissemination of false information, intentional acts disturbing public order belongs to illegal behavior, will be to pursue legal responsibility.
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Sixty professional if 8 years old man extort hundreds group of

In the zebra waiting for target pretending collided drivers give money qianlong.com Beijing January 11th dispatch (reporter Li Xiaoyan) east city police recently cracked a series of fake body crash traffic accident cases, the "if" is beyond all expectations, the street occupation "if" man is a walk of quivering 65 years old.
Since the beginning of 2001, he was in the city zone eight major junctions mad "if", only 122 phone records to be amounted to 341 cases, fooled the driver of hundreds of thousands of dollars of money.Ten days ago, east side of City Public Security Bureau police criminal Investigation Corps bulletin clues, a 65 year old the city unemployed man sun since 2001, 341 accidents occurred, is suspected of making fake traffic accident cheat people out of their money.
East Branch of the Criminal Investigation Detachment immediately investigate, quickly identified the man as demolition moved to Xuanwu a small shack.In the subsequent tracking of forensics, police found the man, because a cripple, every time they went to a middle-aged man pulled with tricycle, also bring an old bicycle, to the crossroads, old man pushing his bicycle around the crossroads to go back and forth, once identified the target will bike to the rear of the car, and he fell to the ground in general, this time, the driver heard nothing all parking, old man took the opportunity to blackmail money.
The morning of January 11th, in Beixinqiao at the southwest corner, old man with the same means successful errors have a driver 550 yuan.When the police came, Sun Mou is to Li Mou is sent me out of the house.
After interrogation, sun admitted since 2001 in the street "if the facts of the crime of fraud".According to his statement, he only at the crossroads of the zebra looking for opportunities, if the taxi parking for passengers, drivers illegally turning or driver to slow, he began, almost every time to succeed, for the lowest 500 yuan, highest when tricked into over 4400 yuan.
In September last year because there was something wrong with the legs to walk, so hired Lee to its neighbors as "drivers", responsible for his bike to the street and props, each 200 yuan.The policeman understands, sun at the age of 17 because of theft by east city police captured, after three years of re-education through labor.
Have to find what works.9 years ago, he is a easy money, come up with "if" action, the beginning is really hit, also hurt many times of clavicle and lumbar vertebrae, and slowly began to experience, can avoid injury can blackmail money.
Sun one act recklessly and care for nobody's false money fraud, is the use of driver violated the traffic regulation not alarm the psychological, the other is a look into the old trouble would rather spend money from.
The sun and its partner Lee because of suspected fraud by east city police criminal detention.According to the preliminary investigation, police, according to the sun a frequent crime laws, and no report of the accident, estimated nearly 1000 cases.
According to sun confessed intentional crash case, police found most of the victim is a private processing.Here, the police want to be sun fool money driver, contact as soon as possible, the police, Tel: 010-84128336.
Jingchu net news (daily) (reporter Wang Jinliang correspondent Yang Fan) last night, in Xiaogan City, several passengers by refusing to sell after, will elder brother down.Emotional control since elder brother behind, driving into the batterers, caused 1 dead 2 injured.
That evening 10 when, reporters rushed to the city of Xiaogan city road stand blocks the scene, the injured have been sent to hospital, the ground and the large share of blood.Although the incident has more than one hour, but there are still many onlookers people there were many discussions.
, police still scene investigation.The bus driver Li Shifu, 8 pm that evening, he drove to this land, from the rearview mirror to see a few passengers and a big fight, and later brother off both sides fought it, fell to the ground after a few people do not stop.
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Gangsters to grab 29 sheep killed retarded boy wit

Report of our newspaper Langfang (reporter Cheng Jianhui Liu Lufang correspondent) County Villagers see the cowboy put 29 sheep, want to take forcible possession of.Then a boy was killed, just took sheep to sell and arrested by the police.
February 3rd morning 8 when make, big city county Public Security Bureau police station is connected with the big 110 Guang'an Township Li report,Louboutin Shoes, said his son on the morning of 2 sheep to Wali, till 3 pm is not home, family members looking around, until 3 days morning in the village southeast depression well room found the body, release 29 sheep disappear without a trace, the total value of twenty thousand yuan.
The police asked that the victim families, congenital mental retardation, from sheep, paranoid personality, the most obvious feature is no stranger to touch his sheep, not to mention the sheep away.The police were in the Guang'an market when visiting was informed, Guang'an township to buy sheep 2 days from a sheep who bought 11 sheep.
The police were quickly found that kill a sheep, sheep provide January 31st someone who claimed to be a Guang'an Township East Village 46 years old man to his house,Christian Louboutin Outlet, said to be lucky, a value of twenty thousand yuan of sheep to sell.
2 days midday the person to 29 sheep, finally to 10500 yuan price.According to sell a sheep's address, age, physical characteristics and so on, the police confirmed that Guang'an Rural East Village of Zhang and Chen suspects features consistent with.
3 days of evening 22 when police arrested Zhang, in their homes to sell a sheep seized the cash, and the extraction of the crime when worn clothes, and recovered the robbed 29 sheep.After the interrogation, Zhang statement of the violence, holding the stick hit the head and neck to death for his money, the fact that the crime of robbery.
The newspaper news (East Chu evening news reporter Ye Jianpeng) unit vehicle hanging "metallurgical pipe", "Ye Tour", "urban construction supervision" and "law of the people's Republic of China Ministry of construction" content label acts as a license plate, swagger through the streets of Daye, "cattle" license plate event yesterday finally ended -- Daye city tube of secretary of bureau Party committee, director Cao Jijie, Daye City Traffic Police Battalion captain long was removed from office, the city of Daye Economic Development Zone Urban Management Branch of vice secretary of Party branch, deputy director Yu Dunqiang was dismissed.
According to the Daye City Commission for Discipline Inspection, Supervision Bureau Bulletin: 2006,Christian Louboutin Sandales, Daye City Urban Management Bureau relevant personnel to the Wuhan purchase area special clothing,Louboutin Pas cher, repurchase 4 "urban construction supervision" signs, license plate used as the bus.
The second half of 2008 to 2009, Daye City Urban Management Bureau of the relevant departments in Daye City, Cape of Good Hope Kexing two individual text printed agency, making 26 pieces of gum, metal, paper "urban construction supervision (DOC) police" signs, were suspended on 11 bus used for license plate.
In October of last year, Daye City Economic Development Zone Urban Management Branch Bureau responsible person to make arrangements for the relevant personnel to Daye Hongtai advertisement Department produced 14 pieces of "the rule," the tube "rule", "urban construction supervision" signs, and will be one of the 8 acts as the license plate using.
The afternoon of January 12th this year, Daye City Economic Development Zone Urban Management Branch Bureau responsible person 3 people ride suspension "urban construction supervision, the people's Republic of China Ministry of construction" signs of the bus,Christian Louboutin Outlet, and on duty policeman disputes, and caused a scandal.
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Man kill after a bachelor's degree to 16 years for people to do

The newspaper Changde news&nbsp ;criminal suspects in Hainan after the murder absconded ,16 years hasfled to Shanghai ,Tibet ,Guangzhou ,Sichuan ,Chengdu ,the final choice .In order to obtain psychological comfort ,he used the pseudonym in a local university to obtain a bachelor in psychology correspondence ,also to study the book of changes ,Buddhist books, often for some problems of juvenile ,juvenile delinquents ,family discord and young couple for psychological counseling ,in his words service society .
.. ... 26 morning 1 when,in Changsha Furong district a rental housing ,the suspect Liang Xiang ( male, 38 years old,was arrested in West Dongting ) .Liang Xiang is 16 years ago made a shock throughout Hainan Haikou 93,4,15outsize homicide murder case .
On June 3, 1993, the Haikou Municipal Bureau of public security command center received the report ,saying the city of sea pasture island Wu Temple a rental housing may occur in the murder case ,until this rental cohabitation with a pair of young men and women Liang Xiang ,Zhu Yun (alias ,female ,age 23 ,often Dongting people ) from the strange disappearance, whereabouts unknown .
The police quickly rushed to the rental housing launched investigation thoroughly ,the scene found indoors and messy, too horrible to look at ,walls ,tables and chairs ,bed sheets are splashed with sporadic blood, ground pool of withered blood is dazzling all the more .
Local police immediately make accurate judgement, the interior had a major murder case ,the deceased is likely to be the murderer dismembered body ,the police immediately extraction site blood sample .
Through the investigation ,the police also found in sea pasture island Wu Temple area doing business in the Changde River irrigation Li Guo ( male, 30years old) and Zhu Yun in 1months agodisappeared .
After the blood sample extraction and detection technology, and further investigation, the police confirmed that Lee had been killed, the rental housing is the victim .Liang Xiang ,Zhu Yun a major crime suspects .
The police then launched the season hunt and cadaveric source investigation work .Because Wu Temple where the sea pasture island geographical location is very complicated around ,surrounded on three sides by the sea ,only a bridge connected with Haikou City ,and the area of mountain forest, cadaveric source investigation work very hard .
After the incident ,the dead Li Guo younger brother Li Tao had travelled to Hainan to brother killed on-site witness certification ,after coming back ,his spirit was close to collapse ,soon, unbearable heavy burden he died of Dutch act ,a grief-stricken ,urged the two provincial police rapid season .
Over the years ,the Haikou public security organs in the case very seriously, the provincial public security department issued ???? ,asked the Hunan police to arrest escape hunt .Because the suspects escape has been secretive ,the case has been little progress in .
In November this year, often Dongting police once again this case to comb ,the ad hoc police around Liang Xiang relationship to begin a large number of survey ,the hiding place of carpet investigation .
On December 24th, the police was informed ,the night of December 26th beam Xiang will do business with in Changsha brother Liu of (a pseudonym ) reunion .In Changsha Furong district public security branch cooperate to fall energetically ,ad police quickly rushed to the Changsha implementation control .
26 morning 1 when,Liang Xiang in Furong district new century Mars Avenue Home Liu of rental room net .After the night Tu Shen ,Liang Xiang 16years agokilled Li Guo and dumped the body confessed .
Through the investigation to verify ,Liang Xiang mistress Zhu Yun irrelevant .Correspondent Zheng Jie Meng Ling driver head smashed wound is clearly visible .Reporter Wang Ye photography reports about the situation at that time ,the 916 bus drivers master Chen still feel puzzled :is no way to the back of the car ?They took a gun ,hitting his head with his rifle butt .
He left behind 18 passengersare frightened ... ... The bus driver was not let yesterday about one thirty in the afternoon ,Pingshan Shenzhen-Shantou road traffic police squadron near Pingshan ,a silver-gray Honda car suddenly accelerated ,to the side of running 916 busesbefore suddenly stops ,the bus driver hurriedly emergency brake .
Silver Honda car driver and the copilot down two, the driver was about 30 years old, to the 916bus,silent, separated by a glass window, reach out to the car pulled the driver master Chen ,Chen Shun ,his weapon at Chen brain parts .
Start didn ,hit the glass ,but glass did not break .Second, hit in Chen brain parts .Master Chen to see clearly, that is a no belt holster pistol .Chen immediately hand over head ,the moment ,the blood along the fingers down the stream .
A successful man ran back to his Honda car ,car .From the short man to get out to drive away and after less than 1 minutes,behind the passenger also did not understand .Master Chen regardless of their bloody, driving chasing after more than 300 meters in front of the car ,because less ,silver-gray Honda car leaves rapidly ,to the right of the Dan catalpa Avenue ran ,suddenly disappear without a trace .
All this ,let the bus passengers stunned ,have come up with mobile phone alarm .The driver who hit a weapon called pistol yesterday afternoon ,reporter in the Pingshan the terminus ,saw just from the station to do back 916 busdrivers master chen .
This distance accident has been the first time in hours ,Chen facial blood has washed off, but the head of the wound is still clearly visible ,the wound is concave .Master Chen told reporters ,he is never wrong ,hurt his is really a pistol, and is made from steel ,or not to hurt him .
Man why make stop 916 CMB?According to master Chen, at the beginning of 916,the CMB from Longgang Baolong five road to pit Chinese catalpa direction ,the silver-gray Honda car go in the car behind, Honda car overtaking ,for some speakers, but because the Shenzhen-Shantou road is transformed ,the original lane was reduced by half ,the unable to give way, therefore, Chen did not to give way, until the road a little wider sections prepared through master Chen occurs when the scene .
It is a small thing ,that they would be so cruel .Chen said .916 way in all the passengers have been Honda car that man behavior enraged ,they help master Chen down the car Honda car license plate number Guangdong BRY466 ,and the subsequent alarm .
The passenger was provoked a witness an accident after passengers told reporters ,when gray Honda car went to the front, the sudden braking ,let the car surprised everyone .Subsequently, he also didn understand what is going on ,I saw a man before the car down ,face fierce, to hit the driver .
He said ,because at that time there was a sudden ,he did not see the other hand what .Soon ,the driver up a lot of blood, he and all the passengers on board have alarm .A gun man who is who, under the watchful eyes of the people ,pulls out a gun to hit people ?The identity of the subject of much speculation .
Yesterday afternoon ,916busdrivers master Chen in Pingshan Branch of the Public Security Bureau police station swallow ridge were questioned .According to accompany master Chen did record one of his colleagues told reporters ,according to passenger car Honda car license plate number ,the police have to lock the car .
Last night, reporter at Pingshan Branch of the public security bureau concerned people in charge asked the matter ,the responsible person said ,at present, the case is still under investigation .
Injured by the bus driver man with whether the pistol requires further investigation ,in addition ,Pingshan police will also collect relevant video survey .The driver usually honest people according to the 916fleet ofthe relevant responsible person said ,master Chen is usually very honest ,for colleagues to leadership is a kind person ,very few run-ins with people ,and the car also has always been very compliance .
The road cut and beaten occurrence happened to him ,let the person in charge that can not be understood .According to its introduction ,in the usual bus operation, but also occasionally occur bus driver between the public and the contradiction ,but mostly because the ticket ,on and off and other things ,will soon be solved ,but like similar things that never happen .
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Hunan Liuyang yesterday golden rain preliminary de

(April 12th, Liuyang City Sun Town High Village ,the road area in suspension in the water with the Yellow similar oily substance .Map / Xiaoxiang Morning rolling news reporter Chen Yong ( ) of Liuyang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau initially found that ,when the underground rain to pollen rain .
Graph / chart / Xiaoxiang Morning rolling news reporter Chen Yong ( April 13th - ) red net Changsha Xiaoxiang Morning rolling news reporter Tong Hui Yan Yudong ) Liuyang City Sun Town High Village ,rape in full bloom field ,in a golden flowers set off, the more pure and beautiful country .
However ,in 12 acome unexpectedly rain ,will the silence broken .12 days midday sun town ,Liuyang ,three township ,along the town and other places have rain, rain stops ,the ground like a yellow ,and a layer of gold powder .
So the vision caused by local villagers speculation ,is the sulfur rain ?Be on the human body has effect ?Liuyang along the town environmental protection station stationmaster Lei Wei is a local residents call the town government Ping on outer space ,asked the air just falling down such as sulfur material what .
Lei Wei was initially determined that the yellow dust pollen .Before the rain, some people see yellow clouds the town of Sun Village Takada Zhou Shuhe introduction ,this strange rain begins at twelve thirty yesterday afternoon .
Previously, a person has seen large yellow clouds gathered in .The rain was not, as the previous spring general drizzle .The rain did not appear strange smell ,no smell, in less than 5 minutes to stop .
When the villagers go out, make them be startled at the sight :ground was yellow ,it adhered yellow powder stuff ,like sulfur .At about 3 pm ,the rain to fall again ,but this time ,but returned to normal .
Afternoon 5 when ,on the high ground around the village are still visible behind the yellow sticky ,the villagers in the gutter ,rainwater collects office can see sulfur powder sticky .
Touch ,feel and pink ,smell tasteless .Liuyang Club town Qingjiang village Zhou Zhengcai 3 consecutive day saw this phenomenon ,but he also met in heaven will float down when it is not raining yellow substance .
Early in the morning of April 10th ,fine ,he prepared to go out from home ,found the balcony by a layer of yellow dust cover ,at the touch of the hand soft .He is a village along the cement road 200 meters,road zero zero or covered with a thin layer of yellow substance .
He has continued to look at the sky ,yellow substance in the sky back flip . Living more than 70 years ,has not seen the rain I live for more than 70 years old,has not seen the rain .An old saying .
For this strange phenomenon ,the village is very upset ,so that rain will not harmful to human body ?Lei Wei this year, less than 30 years old ,he engaged in environmental protection work since not encountered this phenomenon .
He didn see this phenomenon .He is on the ground of substances through the visual undertook an analysis ,think the earth material for pollen . But I this is what kind of substances pollen ,said Lei Wei .
On this strange phenomenon ,the villagers suspected to be induced by air pollution .In order to prevent doorstep cement erosion ,in the rain stops ,many villagers immediately at the door of the cement wash .
A surname Shu villagers also told the other villagers take the matter seriously ,these few days is best not to drink the water ,wash dish to cook with water .Liuyang City Environmental Protection Bureau :preliminary identified as pollen rain Liuyang City Environmental Protection Bureau Wang Xinghui ,deputy director Chen Tie said in an interview yesterday, the two day they have on a township of ground sample were analysed ,preliminary identified Staphylococcus material for Pinus massoniana pollen ,that is to say the local under pollen rain .
Chen Tie said ,to be on the safe side ,they will select at least 4 villages and towns inthe sample to be analyzed,Louboutin Outlet, after April 13th will be given the authority to interpret . the expert of pollen rain harmless to the human body the red April 13th dispatch ( Changsha Xiaoxiang Morning rolling news reporter Chu Wenjing correspondent Yang Ling ) 12 days,Liuyang appeared rain ,a reporter from the Provincial Meteorological Bureau understanding arrives ,this no rain is actually the pollen rain ,belongs to the normal phenomenon of nature .
the ground residual yellow powder is the pine pollen ,rape ,harmless to the human body .Meteorological experts said ,this phenomenon generally appear in spring, main reason is spring in pine ,rape and other flowers in full bloom period ,when cold air comes, the wind speed ,the pollen is small and light, easily rising air blown into the air,Louboutin Ireland, and the air water mixed with each other ,flower powder in rainfall weather encountered rain ,and the rain will fall to the ground ,thereby forming a pollen rain .
Experts say ,pollen rain of spring normal natural phenomenon ,and acid rain situation is different ,the environment and the human body are not harmful ,just as the rain brought a lot of pollen ,the pollen hypersensitivity or allergy to the public, have certain effect .
link around the pollen rain in Guangxi :Qinzhou in March 15th this year ,Qinzhou city rain accompanied by 5-6winds,rain on the ground appears a lot of macular and yellow powder material .
Jiangxi, Shangrao :April 3rd of this year ,Shangrao country has the heavy rain .After the rain stops ,many people have found ,in the courtyard ,Christian Louboutin Ireland,high streets and back lanes of ground water areas, are attached to a layer of yellow substance, in downtown Shangrao ,roadside this light yellow powder everywhere .
In new network on 11 February,according to Taiwan United Daily News reported on 11, 18 year oldBritish girl Gemma Benjamin the year before and the contact object date kissed ,only to kiss Benjamin unexpectedly sudden death .
Forensic autopsy later find out the cause of death ,recently confirmed that she died of adult sudden death syndrome ( SADS ) .Benjamin ( Jemma Benjamin ) and 21 year old Ross for 3 months ,one day in 2009 ,she and Ross go out to dinner ,after dinner to return to Ross the two finally at the front door .
Ross said ,after kissing two people inside, after a few minutes of Ben was lying sofa ,foaming at the mouth and the unconscious .Ross thought that his girlfriend had epilepsy ,call an ambulance ,still unable to make improvements .
Ross said ,the only general kiss ,no sex .Benjamin also said ,daughter ,shy, but his body is healthy .Bhanja via pathological anatomy ,could not find any possible causes of death ,forensic finally concluded that she should die of SADS ,the kind of heart disease each year take 500British lives.
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